Schwerin and Hamburg

After our visit to Berlin, we headed to Hamburg to see some of Rafa’s college friends and to check out the city.

20141031_131152 (480x640)

Liam slept in the car, but we also had to take a few pit stops.

P1040241 (640x480)

We stopped in Schwerin which was a beautiful small city. I would definitely go back there. We didn’t have long, so we took a walk, had a coffee and then continued on our way…

P1040242 (640x480)

Liam and I in front of the palace in Schwerin. (It was Halloween…hence the costume).

20141101_112055 (640x480)

Maria, Rafa, Ruben and Esther in the Town Hall of Hamburg

P1040245 (640x480)

A cool building on our “tour” of Hamburg

20141101_140534 - Copy (2)

We found this really cool playground in Hamburg. Rafa (I mean Liam) loved this sand digger.

P1040247 (640x480)

It had water, and sand…what more could a kid ask for!?

P1040254 (640x480)

In front of the River Elba

P1040258 (640x480)

Liam was a great sport on our all day walking tour throughout Hamburg.

P1040265 (640x480)

The Beatles lived and played in Hamburg before they became famous. This was in Beatles- platz.

P1040269 (640x480)

Beautiful morning in Hamburg….we were very lucky with the weather

P1040271 (640x480)

my two boys on a morning walk….

P1040282 (640x480)…and there happened to be a sailing competition.


During Fall Break, we drove up to Berlin. We figured it was time to see the capital if Germany since we been here 3 and half years.

P1040141 (640x480)

Here we are in front of the Brandenburg Tor. Yes, Liam was with us too….he was sleeping in is stroller to the side here.

P1040140 (480x640)

Oh there he is! We did a walking tour that left from here.

20141029_115126 (480x640)

Rafa and Liam walking through the Jewish Memorial.

20141030_111047 (640x480)

We actually walked quite a bit all over the city. There is now a line on the street that shows you where it stood. I think they told us that there are only 3 places left in Berlin where you can see part of the wall.

20141030_113022 (480x640)

Liam in front of a part of the inner wall.

P1040213 (640x480)

Some more parts of the wall that were repainted recently.

P1040202 (640x480)

Liam was a pretty good boy on our trip. It’s not so easy to be lugged around a big city all day  and not able to run around. We didn’t get to see as much as we had planned, but I guess that’s how it is with a one year old! :)

P1040154 (640x480)

Liam also had his first ice cream cone on the trip. Can you tell that he didn’t like it? haha.

P1040152 (640x360)

He would not let us take it away. He knows what’s good!
20141030_123159 (480x640)

We did take quite a few stops just to let lil man run around.

P1040165 (640x480)

P1040169 (480x640)

P1040173 (640x480)

P1040181 (640x480)

Rafa and I in front of a museum. We unfortunately only saw them from the outside.

P1040184 (480x640)

We also went inside the Reichstag dome. It was pretty cool, but we waited for almost 3 hours to get tickets inside. At least they were free!!

P1040185 (480x640)

P1040196 (640x480)

We stayed in a nice hotel near checkpoint charlie. It was great because we we’re right in the center of Berlin.

P1040221 (640x480)

P1040226 (640x480)

It was a nice trip and I learned a little bit more, but not nearly as much as I’d like….might have to go back when Liam gets a bit bigger.

Daycare and catch up

Well it’s been a little over a month since we’ve started our “new” routine. I’d say I’m a little bit behind on blogging….probably because this new routine is a tad bit busier with us both working. It was nice because Rafa had a month of Elternzeit (Germany’s wonderful parental leave) to help Liam adapt to daycare. Yes, they say you need a month to adjust! Isn’t that crazy!? Liam probably could have stayed the whole time on the first day because he loves it so much. But it was nice to gradually adjust him to so much new stuff at once.

We are really happy with the daycare. Liam’s teachers are so nice and they seem to do so many nice things there….they go outside everyday, and have a water play room, and they go on walks/wagon rides into the woods. No wonder Liam loves it so much. Rafa drops him off in the morning at eight and I pick him up most days at 4pm. By the end of the day he’s exhausted. The one thing that has been a little rough on him is the sleeping. He sleeps 1 nap for about an hour and a half and he definitely needs more or another nap. Sometimes we squeeze in one as soon as we get home.

We also have all gotten the stomach virus. First Liam, then me and then Rafa who probably had it the worst. Now Liam and I both have nice colds and coughs. I guess it will be like this for a while til we adapt to the daycare germs. We are very lucky that both our jobs are somewhat flexible.

20141013_143346 (480x640)

Here’s the lil guy completely miserable. He didn’t even want to eat much at all and currently wants to be held all the time.

20141012_184612 (480x640)

But if you put him in the bathtub, he’s happy again despite a hacking cough and a runny rose. He loves the water, and now goes to swimming lessons with Rafa every other week. He’s a little fishy.

20141012_173036 (640x480)

Despite our busy schedule, we’ve still been able to meet up with some friends, except now mostly on the weekends. Aren’t these 3 too cute?

P1040127 (640x480)

And Liam is now 13 months! He has changed a lot since last month. He is offically a walker and prefers walking to crawling. He talks a lot, except in his own language. Sometimes we think he says something, but it’s most likely a coincidence.

P1040126 (640x480)

Liam loves books now, especially ones with flaps or things to touch. He also likes his trains a lot and especially anything that has holes and you can take something in and out of.   He also likes music and can bop up and down pretty well (I think he takes after me!)

20141011_194946 (480x640)

Now I have Fall Break and I’m so excited to spend the next 2 weeks with our lil man! I’ll try to be a little bit better about updating here. :)

One Year Old

Dear Liam,

Our sweet baby….Where did the year go? It feels like you were born not long ago, but at the same time it seems like you’ve been with us forever. We can’t imagine life without you here. You make us smile everyday and we love you more than you know.

day 2 (640x480)

 You’ve changed so much this year. It’s crazy to think this tiny baby has turned into such a big boy!

P1040064 (640x480)

At one year old, you are a happy, independent, active, sweet, but hard headed little boy. You know what you want and definitely let us know.

P1030764 (640x480)

You now go to daycare now for the full day and absolutely love it. You actually don’t seem to miss either your dad or I. Sometimes, it makes me sad, but I know it really is a good thing. You love the other big kids. You are the smallest in your class but you don’t care at all and have no problem hanging with the big boys.

20140911_190329 (480x640)

Your favorite things are being outside and playing in the dirt or sand. You also have discovered airplanes and as soon as you hear or see one, you point up to the sky and say “Oooo Ooooo Oooo”.  You still love the water too, and enjoy your nightly baths. You are going to start swim class next week, and I think you’ll love it.

20140911_190358 (480x640)

You still don’t say too much, at least in adult words. You talk and babble all the time, but it doesn’t make much sense to us. The only words we have heard you say are “mama”, “papa” and “nein”.  “Nein” is “no” in German. In the 3 weeks you’ve been at daycare, it looks like you’ve picked up this word. Don’t know if you know how to use it appropriately because you go around repeating “nein nein nein nein”.

20140911_180740 (640x480)

For your birthday, we made a little cake and sang to you. You usually love food and smash your hands into whatever you’re eating ,but for your cake you were quite hesitant.

P1030744 (640x480)

At daycare they made you a crown and you brought some muffins to share with your friends. That evening we celebrated at home.

IMG-20140911-WA0014 (640x480)

Abuelo and Abuela were also here to celebrate your first birthday with you! They taught you how to blow so you could blow out your birthday candle.

P1030767 (640x480)

Your dad and I got you a Fire Truck and a book for your birthday.

P1030749 (640x480)
I know this post is a little late for your birthday but as of September 24th, you are offically walking! You still crawl some, but can walk from one room to another. I know pretty soon we´ll be running after you.

P1040117 (640x480)

Happy happy birthday to you buddy! We love you so much!!!!

Love, mama and papá



Liam’s first haircut

Our buggy bear got his first hair cut while in Asturias. We thought it was time because his hair was all in his face and over his ears. We went to the same guy who has been cutting Rafa’s hair for a long time. I will miss Liam’s little curls, but I’m hoping some will come back!

20140819_184139 (480x640)

Here is Papá telling Liam what is going to happen.

20140819_192203 (480x640)

He was a pretty good boy and stayed very still at first.

20140819_192347 (480x640)

After a while, he was a bit more antsy and we had to keep him entertained with combs.

20140819_192348 (480x640)

Liam saying, “Oooo I’m looking good!”

Jara and Laib’s wedding

We were in Spain last month to visit family, but also to attend Jara and Laib’s wedding in Zaragoza. Jara and Laib are friends from Frankfurt, but they celebrated their wedding in Zaragoza. They had a wonderful weekend wedding at a campground where we stayed in bungalows.

P1040035 (800x600)(At the ceremony on Saturday)

It was a weekend back with wonerful events they had prepared. The Friday we arrived they planned a scavenger hunt around the city. Unfortunately, we got there a little too late, but had a nice walk around anways.

P1040021 (800x600)

Zaragoza is a really pretty city! I’d never heard much about it before our trip, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

P1040016 (800x600)

Here we are on our walk. It took 3 men to figure out where we were. ha!

P1040020 (600x800)

After our walk around, we all met for tapas at a bar. It was a very nice dinner!

P1040024 (800x600)

Saturday morning before the ceremony, there was a soccer tournament. More than half the guests participated. Our team actually one, but definitely not on my behalf! Rafa was actually an amazing goalie with is injured foot and all.

P1040031 (800x600)

Three studs at the wedding: Ismael, Rafa, Raul

P1040029 (800x600)

Rafa and I (the only shot I got of us)

P1040028 (600x800)

Jara’s friends did a wonderful job organizing stuff too!

P1040037 (800x600)

The Spanish Germans getting their photo made.

P1040042 (800x600)

After dinner, we danced and partied for a long time. Liam stayed with Abuela and Abuelo so we Rafa and I enjoyed our night out to the fullest. Let’s just say the drive back to Asturias on Sunday was a long one.

Beach Bum

This was Liam’s first trip to the beach were he was actually able to play in the sand and water and he LOVED it! I think you could leave him there all day and he would be the happiest little boy.  The first day we put him down in the sand he crawled straight to the water.

P1030916 (800x600)


He would  dig and dig in the sand, find some rocks and carry them around forever, and then splash in the water.

P1030918 (800x600)


He loved the water and didn’t seem to mind sitting and splashing in it even though it was pretty chilly.  The waves weren’t his favorite because he wasn’t used to the water coming and then going.

P1030921 (800x600)


I think Rafa had almost as much fun as Liam digging holes. He would also build a castle and then Liam would smash it.

P1030922 (800x600)

Two happy beach bums!

P1030923 (800x600)


Most of the days we were at the beach, it was low tide which was nice for Liam. He liked to play in the “puddles”.

P1030925 (600x800)

Until next year beach….



11 months

Dear Liam,

You are now eleven months old! I can´t believe we will soon have a one year old. Boy does time fly!!! You have changed so much this past month. So let´s see….


You are practicing walking holding on to our hands although you don´t seem too interested since you´re a speedy crawler. Sometimes we catch you standing for 3-4 seconds without holding onto anything. At Abuelo and Abuela´s house they have this walker which I think you like to push around. You move a lot (hence the crazy 11 month photo shoot that we thought would be neat to take in the garden)


You have a lot of hair. We are debating whether or not we want to cut it. When it´s humid out it really curls and looks so cute. When it´s not, it kind of looks scraggy.


You are such a happy boy with personality.  We can definitely see you becoming more of a little toddler and not a baby anymore.  You make funny sounds and talk a bunch as if we know what you´re saying.  You now scream if we take away something you are playing with and like.  You seem to remember things more and more.


Sometimes you wave bye-bye and give high fives, but not always. You are extremely ticklish. You have also learned to dance . You seem to love music and bounce when you hear it. Your dad has introduced you to classical music and opera already. You stare at the TV watching them both.  It´s kind of funny. 20140811_195319_small

You love the sand, dirt, and water. It´s really funny watching you at the beach. We put you down on the towel and you crawl directly off onto the sand, and then head straight for the water. You are not afraid at all. You also still love anything with wheels or spins.  You have also recently discovered the mop and broom….two new favorite toys.  You love your bear blanket (Ernesto…Papá named him that) that you sleep with too.20140811_195503 (1)_small

Next month you will start daycare and mommy will go back to work. I know you are going to love it because you are so sociable and love being around other kids. I will miss my days at home with you, but I know you are going to have so much fun!

We love you so much buggy and are so proud of you!

Love, Mama and Papá



Last week


We have been busy lately playing in the sand almost every day. Liam loves the sand and he is usually pretty good about NOT eating it! Almost all the playgrounds in Germany have a sand box, but we usually just go to the the one that’s closest to the house. He digs and crawls all over. We usually go in the early evening so that after he goes straight into the bathtub!

20140715_171129 (600x800)


Last week, Liam’s friend, Dora, came over for the day while her mom went to the dentist. Dora and Liam have the same birthday. They played so well together and it was nice to see Liam interacting with a baby that is not only the same age but at the same stage as him (crawling and very active).

20140718_111255 (600x800)

We also went to the Opel Zoo in Taunus with some friends. Liam was still a little young to fully enjoy the zoo, but he did like looking at some of the animals. They also had a nice park for the babies to climb and crawl around.

20140718_155644 (800x600)

We brought carrots for the animals since they let you feed them. But, Liam prefered to eat the carrots himself most of the time. I would say his favorite animal was the hippo (no picture of that though)

20140718_162731 (600x800)



We had our play group at our place and I set up the baby pool in the back yard. Guess who was impatient and jumped in the pool with his clothes on? Silly boy! He LOVES water and sand. Can’t wait to take him to the beach next month!!!

IMG-20140718-WA0003 (600x800)