Gorgeous weather

The past 2 weeks we’ve had beautiful weather here in Frankfurt. It’s been in the 70′s (~20 Celcius) and sunny which isn’t too normal around here, at least for so long this time of year.


We’ve been playing outside in the yard some….


And looking at the trees…


But the best part is playin the grass…


We’ve been hiking in the Odenwald…


with friends…

P1030503 - Copy

Along the path were these neat houses. I think a lot were representing fairy tales.


Lunch stop! Liam chowing down on some veggies…


About to fly home after the hike…



We’re looking forward to the Spring and Summer here in Germany and spending many more days outside!

6 months

Dear Liam,

Where does the time go my buggy? I know that I say this every month, but you are growing so fast.


You definitely have rolling over down to a tee. As soon as we lay you down on your back, you almost immediately roll over (both ways). You move about quite well do and can turn in all directions in a nice 360 circle. I’m kind of nervous about you crawling soon. Right now I can lay you down on your play mat, go into the kitchen, then come back and check on you. You can push up with your arms really high and sometimes you push, but instead of going forward, you go back. You do a great job of “playing” by yourself usually for about 15-20 minutes. Just in the past few days you also roll over in your crib. We still put you down on your back, but now in the morning your on your tummy. You can’t sit up on your own yet, but you are also working on that.


You like to scratch things. I think it’s because you like to feel different textures and also explore the new. Almost every thing you touch goes directly in your mouth if possible.  You are still a big boy and very solid. I love your chubby legs and hands and tummy. I’m not sure of your height and weight, but we go to the doctor for your 6 month check up tomorrow. You are wearing clothes from 9-12 months. When people pick you up they are surprised that you are so heavy. I´ve been starting to prop you up on my hip when I pick you up, but you don´t  help me much by wrapping your legs around me. I can hold you a little be longer that way.


You get 4 bottles a day with about 200mL (8 ounces). You eat baby food 2-3 times a day. Some days you eat better than others and as of now you love rice cereal, oatmeal, and sweet potato. You also like bananas, pears, and apples and will eat carrots and pumpkin. Green beans were not your thing. I gave you one bite and then you gagged and threw them up. We also started the sippy cup. It took a few days to figure out how to suck from there, but know you got it down. You still have a bit of trouble holding it on your own, but you sure do try and sometimes even chew on it (you chew on everything). I think your favorite thing is water! You LOVE drinking water from your sippy cup or even from a normal glass. After you are done eating and drinking I take you down from your high chair and you sit in my lap and could play forever with the straps/buckle of the high chair if I let you. You are so intrigued by this and it makes me laugh. Perhaps, you want to know how it works and will be an engineer like your Papá.


We have changed your stroller to the “big boy” setting so you can see out. You seem to be a little bit more content when riding in there, depending on the day. You are so active that it’s hard to find the right time when you just want to sit or lay. You still are not a great napper. We can pretty much count on you taking a nap at 9am in the morning for anywhere from 1-2 hrs usually. Your other 1-2 naps depend on the day and there is no schedule to them. I kept trying to put you down at the same time everyday, but it just doesn’t work for you. Every day is different so I decided not to fight it and just let you nap when you seem tired….Especially when you sleep so well at night. You usually sleep from 7:30 pm to 6:30am.


 You are making a few sounds but mostly just bababa or gagaga. You like other people and always smile when anyone talks to you, especially your daddy. This month your daddy gets to spend more time with us during the day which I know you will love. He has his “paternal leave” for the next month.


You are such a good boy and I love watching you learn new things every day. We love you so much! Happy 6 months!

Love, Mommy and Papá

pretty port-o-potty

So last week when we were walking along the river in Frankfurt, we stumbled across this cool port-o-potty (a.k.a. johnny on the spot, port a john, whatever other name you have for these things).


Check it out…it’s all wood.


Rafa had to go, so he tried it out! You brush some saw dust in after you go.


Here are the instructions.


And it totally din’t smell in there like they usually do. It must have been the flowers, I think! :)

Food Glorious Food

So we started Liam on baby food about two weeks ago. It’s going well, I think. He LOVES rice cereal and oatmeal. He pretty much eats anything you put on the spoon. We’ve given him some carrots, pumpkin, peas and apples. He makes a face (that I think is hilarious), but keeps eating anyway. Except apples…those made his whole body jump. I think they were too sour for him. (I couldn’t stop laughing….I know, I’m a mean mommy).

I did a course (in German) about what to feed babies during the first year and how to start off making baby food. The lady who taught the class was very much into “BIO” which means all organic food. They are very into that here in Germany and almost all grocery stores have some kind of BIO section. There are also lots of markets where you can buy fresh produce here. Don’t know if I agree with the whole BIO thing is always necessary, but for now I guess we’ll try that until it seems to be too outrageously expensive.

Last weekend, I made several different foods to freeze. I put them all in ice cube trays so I can just take out the portion he’ll eat.






We also plan on giving Liam some baby food from the jars, just so he is used to eating everything.


It looks like Spring is not too far off. The other day on our daily walk, I saw quite a few flowers popping up.


We’ve had a very mild Winter here….no snow at all. Last Winter we had several snowy days. You might think we get lots of snow here, but we actually don’t. Frankfurt doesn’t get as much snow as the rest of Germany since we aren’t that high up. It’s also kind of funny when you hear that in Atlanta they’ve had tons of snow this Winter.


Liam was very impressed by the pretty flowers.


I know the purple and yellow flowers are crocus….


…but, what is this little white flower?

Stroller and exercise

Well…. I have come to realize the last bit of baby fat won’t just fall off. So I’ve been “trying” to exercise more. I usually walk quite a bit everyday, but have recently started running again. Oh how I enjoy the “jiggling”! HA!

When Rafa and I were looking to buy a stoller for Liam, we decided a jogging stroller would be the best. Mostly because we are out hiking and walking a lot, but also because we can run with it. We have the TFK Joggster Twist, which we love! It’s a german stroller, but I think maybe it can be order in the states. Here it is:http://www.buggy.de/de/produkte/joggster-twist.html

Until now, Liam has been laying in the flatbed, but we soon need to change it. He still fits more or less, but really wants to look out and see.

So for the past month or so I’ve been taking this course called “KiWaSpo” which stands for KinderWagonSport. Pretty much the class is for moms who have babies and want to exercise a bit. Most of the classes are indoor aerobics classes, but when it’s nice out, we go outside.


We usually power walk and then stop and do exercises in between.


I’d like to sign up for the running class that starts in the Spring.


P.S. I stole these pictures from the teacher, Melanie.

Five Months


Five months! Time is flying by and our little Liam is not so little. He’s a BIG boy!!!! But we sure love our chunk-o-monk. Liam here is what you’ve been up to:

-You are working on rolling over. You’ve done it 3-4 times on your own. You tend to get stuck and just can’t make that extra push yet to roll over. You also get frustrated if you can’t reach something and try quite hard to get it most of the time.

-We just moved up to a size 4 diaper. They are a little bit big, but the 3 was getting a little too snug.

-Liam you chew on everything. We don’t know when those teeth of yours will appear, but you’re definitely teething.

-You are wearing clothes anywhere between 6-12 months.


-You are an awesome sleeper at night. You usually sleep from 8pm-6:30/7. You fall asleep after 5 minutes of looking around happily.

-You are not an awesome napper (if we are at home). You take 3-4 short 30-45 minute naps per day, and if we are at home you usually scream for 5-10 minutes before going to sleep. We also have to keep putting your pacifier back in. At night, you don’t even sleep with it. If we are out and about, you fall asleep no problem and might sleep 1-2 hours. So, I obviously try to get out quite a bit. :)

-We started you on rice cereal last Sunday and gave you some apple yesterday. You obviously are going LOVE food. You scarfed that right down. We even gave you a nibble of a pancake because you kept reaching for it. It’s sooo funny to watch you eat.

20140208_102311 - Copy

20140208_102300 - Copy

20140209_113734 - Copy

-You had your first (not from the family) babysitter. Helena was so nice and took great care of you while mommy and papá had a night out. We hope to have at least one date night a month. She´s coming again next week! ;)

-You have found your voice a bit more and have started to blow raspberries. It’s also super cute that you open your mouth and then lean towards us. I like to think it’s your way of giving kisses.

-We’ve put you in your jumpy seat just recently. Your legs barely hit the ground and still haven’t quite figured out how to bounce, but you like being upright and looking all around.

20140211_142904 - Copy

20140211_142851 - Copy


-Everyday you make us laugh. You really are a good baby!



Last weekend “abuelo” and “abuela” came to visit. Liam had a wonderful time getting loved on!


The outfit that Liam is wearing was Rafa’s when he was little. Rafa’s mom said that Rafa wore this when he was walking. What can I say? We have a big boy! :)


Liam took his grandparents to the market in Offenbach on Saturday morning. It was kind of rainy but we got some veggies, apple juice and had “bratwurst”.


On Sunday, we met some friends for coffee and cake. The rest of the time mommy had a little more time to relax while Liam got lots of snuggles!


Lately, I’ve been a little lazy about blogging. We’ve actually been quite busy. It’s funny for me to think back to when I was pregnant and I wondered what I’d do all day at home with a baby. Well, Liam and I are definitely out and about most days of the week. I have come to enjoy Mondays and Thursdays where we can just be at home a bit. I NEVER thought I would say that. But, I am also so happy to have great friends (new and old) to meet up with on other days.

Liam had his first babysitter (well, babysitter not from the family) recently. We went out to dinner last Saturday night with some friends. It was really nice. It sort of made me feel old leaving my child with a babysittter. I babysat a lot when I was younger, so it felt funny to be on the other side…the one leaving their baby. Liam was good boy and our sitter is super nice! We are looking forward to more mommy-daddy date nights in the future.

And just a few pics from the other day…


“Just a little bit further…I’ve almost got it!”



“Yummy giraffe legs!”


I definitely think Liam is teething. He is drooling and chewing on stuff all the time…