Last week


We have been busy lately playing in the sand almost every day. Liam loves the sand and he is usually pretty good about NOT eating it! Almost all the playgrounds in Germany have a sand box, but we usually just go to the the one that’s closest to the house. He digs and crawls all over. We usually go in the early evening so that after he goes straight into the bathtub!

20140715_171129 (600x800)


Last week, Liam’s friend, Dora, came over for the day while her mom went to the dentist. Dora and Liam have the same birthday. They played so well together and it was nice to see Liam interacting with a baby that is not only the same age but at the same stage as him (crawling and very active).

20140718_111255 (600x800)

We also went to the Opel Zoo in Taunus with some friends. Liam was still a little young to fully enjoy the zoo, but he did like looking at some of the animals. They also had a nice park for the babies to climb and crawl around.

20140718_155644 (800x600)

We brought carrots for the animals since they let you feed them. But, Liam prefered to eat the carrots himself most of the time. I would say his favorite animal was the hippo (no picture of that though)

20140718_162731 (600x800)



We had our play group at our place and I set up the baby pool in the back yard. Guess who was impatient and jumped in the pool with his clothes on? Silly boy! He LOVES water and sand. Can’t wait to take him to the beach next month!!!

IMG-20140718-WA0003 (600x800)

Trip to Atlanta

Well I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures of our trip to Atlanta in June.  We spent time at the lake, did lots of shopping, went swimming at the pool, ate lots of yummy food, went walking at Kennesaw Mountain, and to the Braves game,  but best of all we got to see lots of family and friends!

IMG-20140611-WA0004 (800x669)

Here is Liam and Poppy going for a hike in Home Depot. We got this backpack while we were there and Liam loves it.

20140525_125212 (600x800)

We spent Memorial Day weekend (actually most weekends) at the lake house.

20140525_125237 (600x800)

We went for a ride on the boat and then stopped to have a little swim.

20140529_185940 (600x800)

We got to see lots of family and friends…..Reegan and Liam

20140531_103727 (600x800)

Darragh and Liam

20140606_174228 (800x600)

My grandma, aunts and cousins came to visit too!
20140606_175651 (600x800)

Uncle Randy and Liam

20140606_182152 (600x800)

Aunt Kristen and Uncle Reid came to visit too!

(oh and so did Aunt Laura and Uncle Jake… but we didn’t get a pic with them)

20140607_132348 (800x600)

Here is my grandma with her great grandchildren (Liam, Olivia, and Isaiah)

20140607_163348 (600x800)

Isaiah telling Liam how to stand up!

20140608_093411 (600x800)

My cousin Julie and Liam

IMG-20140612-WA0004 (800x600)


Liam and me

IMG-20140612-WA0005 (600x800)

On our way out for a nice dinner! Me, mom and Liam

20140606_180621 (800x600)


Aunt Maryann, Aunt Dawnie, and mom (you would have thought they planned the colors for the picture)

20140611_182756 (600x800)

Liam and Aunt Kerri

IMG-20140526-WA0006 (600x800)

Liam and Whit

IMG-20140609-WA0001 (800x600)

Keegan and Liam

IMG-20140526-WA0002 (800x600)

Me and Whit

IMG-20140526-WA0005 (600x800)

And one last one of Liam and I

Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures with ALL the family and friends we saw, but we still had a wonderful time with everyone!



10 months

Dear Liam,

Sometimes your mom can be a little scatterbrained and silly. I know you are 10 months today, but for some reason when I wrote your sign for your “month” birthday today, I wrote that you were 11 months. HAHA! Oops!  Don’t ask me why…I have no idea…I don’t want you to be 11 months yet. So anyways…Happy 10 months! Even though your pictures say 11! Guess we can reuse the sign next month! :)

P1030884 (800x600)

So this is what you’ve been up to the past month…

P1030896 (800x600)

You are very inquistive and want to know everything. Especially if you hear a sound or see something you want you look til you can see it.

P1030894 (600x800)

You now have six teeth: four on top and two on the bottom. We have moved on from pureed foods and you love feeding yourself. You still LOVE bread and anything with bread. But overall, you are a  great eater.

P1030893 (600x800)

You now  have become a little more attached to your bear blanket. I really think you just need something to chew on til you fall asleep. I’m so glad that you are a wonderful sleeper. You still sleep from 8pm- 7am and take 2 naps a day. The naps have been longer lately….each one 1.5 hrs. I’m loving it! Keep it up lil man!

P1030892 (600x800)

You have gotten soooooo much better at riding in the stroller (finally!!!!) and a little better at riding in the car. I think you have finally realized I am behind you and if we go in either we are usually going somewhere fun!

P1030891 (800x600)

You love love love to be outside and play in the rocks and sand. You would stay there all day if I let you. We go to the playground daily and you just watch the other big kids running all around. You are friendly and not shy at all towards other children. You also love anything with wheels that spin or buttons….your toy cars, the wheels on the stroller, the buttons on the washing machine, the buttons on the remote.

P1030888 (800x600)

When you get tired, you follow me around saying “mamamamama”. You also babble lots of other stuff and I think you say “baba” for “papa”.

P1030886 (800x600)


In the picture above, you’ve got some curls in the back. I was thinking it was time to cut your hair, but now it might have to wait. Your curls are too cute!

P1030883 (800x600)

You are standing up very well now. You can stand up and sit down holding on to something with one hand. We orginally thought you would start walking soon, but I think you are quite content crawling around since you move very fast. We try to hold you by your hands and get you to walk, but you really have no interest…..I’m not pushing it that’s for sure.

You are such a sweet, funny boy! I love everyday with you!







Life lately

Since we got back from Atlanta a few weeks ago, we’ve  been busy having fun in the sun (until today…it has started to rain)

Tom and Sue, my cousins, stopped by Frankfurt to see us before they headed to Switzerland to see Morgan and then tour some more of Germany.


We went to Frankfurt for the day and as you can see their jet lag had set in at this point.


Liam is so happy that his Cheerios stash is complete for a while! Thanks Tom and Sue!

We met some friends for lunch and to watch the European Championship of the Ironman triathlon (although I think we saw more on TV than in person! :)


We’ve been splashing in the water. We got Liam a little kiddy pool for him to splash around in…


We’ve been watching the World Cup! Let’s go Deutschland! Beat Brazil!


We’ve said goodbye to our dear friends here in Langen….Jenn, George and Alexa. They have moved to London, but hopefully we can go visit sometime.  Here is Jenn trying to get Liam to eat his broccoli on their last day!

20140618_155708 (1)

Liam saying goodbye to his first love….Alexa. Actually more like picking something off the floor.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from Germany! We hope everyone has a wonderful day in the states and enjoys the fireworks!


We are celebrating by spending the day at the park, which we do a lot lately. It’s right next to our apartment which is nice!  Then grilling and watching the Germany vs. France match. Too bad USA is out! :( So now, I guess we’ll root for Deutschland!!!


And one more pic of our lil firecracker! :)

Hochzeit und Taufe

I know I’ve been a bit behind on the blog….we’ve been busy lately and I don’t really know where to start there is so much to catch up on. So we’ll start with the most recent! :)

This past weekend our friends, Uta and Dario, got married(Hochzeit), and their daughter who is just a few days older than Liam had her christening (Taufe).


Here we are the three of us. Liam came to the wedding for a bit and then we took him home to the babysitter.



Check out this serious stud!


The bride and groom


The only picture I got of Ada, Liam’s friend….oh well!



The church they got married in was very nice…all the interior was old painted wood…lacking on my photo skills as I also didn’t capture that. oops! Here we are at the reception area, having a few cocktails. It was really pretty and celebrated at an old barn they redid.


This was our dinner…


….Just kidding! These guys were hanging out in a pen nearby. I thought they were cute!



One thing that is a little different here is that the coffee and cake is served before dinner. We had cake at 3:30 and then dinner at 8.



Yummy…especially the chocolate ones…


Ada’s cake

It was a beautiful wedding and we were glad that we got to celebrate with Uta, Dario, and Ada!

9 months

Dear Buggy,

It sure has been a busy month for you! You took your second flight to the states and were a good boy on the plane even though you didn’t sleep much. We just let you crawl up and down the aisles of the plane and fed you almost 2 whole soft pretzels to keep you quiet. I think you slept 1 hour the entire flight. Oh well, as long as we let you move you are happy.

Speaking of moving, you still hate to be “restrained”. You do not like riding in the car. We have noticed this even more being in Atlanta since you have to drive everywhere. You also do not enjoy being in your stroller. You always cry to get out. Usually we let you cry or bribe you with food which I don’t like to do.


Food always makes you happy. You are a plump monkey weighing 23 pounds (10.4 kilos) and eat everything we put in front of you. Your new found love is Cheerios. I think we will have to import these to Germany. You also still love all fruit and yogurt. And your all time favorite is bread! We are down to 2 bottles per day: one in the morning and one at night.


You are definitely talking (babbling) much more. You say mamamamama all day long, but we don’t really know if this refers to your mama or not. You also say dadada, papapa, and make other funny sounds. You flap your hand in front of your mouth and it’s really funny. Maybe you like the sound it makes.


You are pulling up on things all the time now, are more steady on your feet, and are officially a super crawler. You can crawl fast now and I think that in about a month or so you’ll be walking, although I don’t think I’m ready for that. You really want to walk and run with the big kids. You love staring at older children and watching them run, smile at you, and play. We’ve been going to the pool and lake quiet a bit and you still love the water.


This week has been a little tough on you and I’m hoping that’s why you are being so clingy. Your top two teeth are coming in so you’re a drooling machine and you’ve got a cold on top of it. Hopefully it clears up soon or at least before we fly back home.


We love you so much buddy!

Love, mama and Pap’a

Liam’s first trip to Asturias

Well, I’ve finally uploaded some pictures of Liam on his first trip to Asturias.

P1030818 (1024x768)


Liam had a great time with his grandparents, aunts and uncles.

P1030815 (1024x576)

P1030714 (1024x768)


Here we are Easter weekend.

P1030710 (1024x768)

P1030641 (1024x768)


with Abuelo and Tío Moncho


with Abuelo



with Tía Vicky


P1030631 (1024x768)



with Noelia


with Tía Macki



with Abuela…learning how to beat the eggs

P1030819 (1024x768)

Liam can´t wait til August when he gets to see everyone again!

8 months

Dear Liam,

You are now 8 months old and are so much fun!  I love coming to get you in the morning from your crib. You always greet me with a huge smile. I think you are a bit like me in the fact that you are happy in the mornings.

20140511_162612 (768x1024)


You are almost crawling like a pro. You can get from one room to the other doing the army crawl and get there part of the way on all fours. In just the past few days you have also started pulling up on things to your knees. You pulled dirt out of the one plant we have in the living room. You are obsessed and I mean obsessed with wires and pretty much anything you shouldn´t touch….computer wires, t.v. wires, the wire from the vacuum,lamp wires, and outlets. Let´s just say in a short 2 days we had to attempt at baby proofing the apartment.

20140511_162647 (768x1024)

Well, you sure are talking more. We now hear lots of ¨bababa¨ ¨papapa¨ ¨gagaga¨. You also make this funny sound that I call your “whale sound” because it sure sounds like a whale to me.


20140511_162707 (768x1024)

You eat very well and almost everything we give you. I try to give you half homemade food and half baby food jars, although lately you prefer to eat little pieces instead of having pureed food. You love bread and yogurt. As of now you eat: carrots, peas, potatoes, rice, avocado, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, chicken, and fish. You also love all fruit, but I still think bananas are your favorite.

20140511_162718 (768x1024)


We took you swimming for the first time and you loved it!  You did a pretty good job kicking your legs too. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a great swimmer. You also love other children, especially children older than you. You want to swim and jump with them, but I don’t think you realize you’re still too little.

20140511_162729 (768x1024)

Your schedule more or less is:

7-7:30 wake up

7:30/45 have your bottle

8:45 have breakfast (It’s usually oatmeal and fruit)

9:45- 10:45/11:15  Nap

11:30/12:00  lunch (veggies)

1:30 yogurt with fruit

2:00-3:30 Nap

4:00 bottle

6:00 sometimes fruit or veg

7:oo bath then bottle

8:00 bed

This is our “schedule” most days. Sometimes it varies a bit because we have play group or we are out.

20140511_162745 (768x1024)


You still do not like to be restrained. Every time we put you in the stroller, car seat, or high chair you cry. Once you get distracted, then you are ok. The only thing you don’t mind being strapped into is your swing. You love that. If I put you down in the backyard, you crawl towards the swing.

20140511_162820 (768x1024)

I am so happy to have this time at home with you and I enjoy everyday. It’s hard to think that in September you will be one year old and off to daycare! I will cherish these last few moths together.

I love you!

Love, mommy







We spent Easter in Asturias and I got to experience my first “Nazareno”.  It is the Thursday before Easter when they carry the cross from down in the town of Luarca, up to the top of the hill where the church is.

P1030722 (1024x707)

Pretty much everyone comes together and makes the 2-3 hour walk up the hill. I was prepared for a hike, but you walk so slowly that you don’t even realize you’re going up a huge hill.

P1030723 (768x1024)

Everyone carries lanterns as they walk up.

P1030727 (1024x714)

It was really pretty and I did a great job not letting my catch on fire (unlike someone else I was with….Rafa?).

P1030744 (1024x768)

Here we are when we finally reached the top.

P1030749 (1024x753)

This was as they carried the cross in. Can you believe that people sign up and wait years to carry it?

P1030767 (1024x766)

P1030772 (1024x756)



Finally placed inside the church

P1030778 (1024x752)

It was a nice night and nice weather. We were the last ones to leave. It was a nice experience, but I don’t think I’d want to carry Jesus and the cross up the hill….it looked too heavey. They told me that sometimes people do it barefoot as well.