3 months

Carolina turned 3 months on July 3rd while we were in Atlanta. This was her first trip to the states. We were so busy we almost forgot to take her picture!

3 months

Today we went for her 3 month checkup and she was 7 kilos (15.4 lbs) and 61 cm (24 inches). She’s  97% for weight, 90% for height, and 50% for head.  So happy to know we have an average head. HA!  Let’s just say we are growing well and are taking after big brother with the chunkiness.


Carolina loves her big brother and just watches everything he does.

I call her “Missy Moo” and it’s funny because Liam picked it up. He gets in her face and says “Hiiii Missy Moo!” It’s cute!


Our “Missy Moo” is such a good baby. She rarely cries or fusses and always smiles when anyone talks to her. She has also definitely found her voice. Sometimes she “talks” (more like shouts) so loud. She has found her feet in the past couple of days and is very close to rolling over one way.

We did a little sleep training while at my mom and Geoff’s and she now sleeps from 8:30pm-7am. It’s wonderful! Although I hated letting her cry, she didn’t cry that bad at all. We all love our sleep, so it’s really been great for everyone!🙂  We had to do a few adjustments with jetlag after our trip, but it wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t say that her naps are on much of a schedule, but she eats at the same time, 5 times a day (apx 200 ml). I don’t really mind since you sleep at night.


I really feel lucky that I have this time home with our little girl. She is growing so much everyday. We love you Carolina!

Brotherly Love

Everyone always asks how is Liam liking his new big brother role?


Honestly, much better than we ever could have thought. He is soooo sweet and loving towards Carolina. Every morning he gives her a kiss when he leaves for the Kita (aka daycare) and usually he wants to know where she is when he doesn’t see her. Liam is also very helpful. He will give Carolina her binky when she cries and loves to help give her a bath.

He is very gentle and understands that he is a big boy and that Carolina is little. He says that she can’t do certain things yet, but she can watch him play. It’s really cute!

Although Liam is really so great with Carolina, at times he has become a little bit whinier than he used to be. But I guess that’s normal and we are working on using our “big boy voice”.

I really can’t wait to see how these two grow together and hope that they always love each other as much as they do now!

2 months

Carolina is 2 months old today! She is such a sweet and happy baby. Lately, she laughs and talks (well more like coos) as soon as you talk to her. It’s super cute!


Most days she only cries when she’s hungry, which is about every 3 hours. She likes to eat and is a chunkster. I think she weighs about 5.5 kilos (12 pounds) and is 58 cm (22.8 inches) long.

Last night she actually slept from 10:30 pm to 6 am for the first time (in her own bed) ! woohoo! Let’s do that again tonight. Until now, she wakes up once during the night around 2 or 3 am which still isn’t bad. She likes to be close, and if we were to let her sleep in our bed next to us she’d sleep all night long. But…we definitely don’t want to get into that habit.

Carolina is starting to lift her head up more and more when on her tummy. She loves getting a bath, playing in her jungle play mat (along with her big bro), and watching her bear mobile go around. She also loves to suck on her hand and fingers. A few times she’s found her thumb! We pull it out and shove the binky in. I really don’t want a thumbsucker if we can help it. She likes to suck on her binky to fall asleep and then usually spits it out.


We are getting ready for Carolina’s first trip to the states. First we’ll go to N.J. for cousin Julie’s wedding, and then we’ll head to Atlanta. Let’s hope for a safe and not too stressful flight for mom and dad.🙂

Happy two months sweet girl!



Carolina García McShane

Our beautiful daughter, Carolina (pronunced in Spanish Ca-ro-lee-nuh, not like the state), was born on April 3rd, 2016 at 4:56 pm. She was born in Langen, Germany where we live. My mom came for Carolina´s birth and to watch Liam while we were in the hospital.



Carolina arrived in true Spanish style…one week late! On April 2nd, we were getting a little antsy, thinking she wasn´t going to arrive before my mom had to go back to the states. So we opted to try the eggplant parmesan trick! In Kennesaw, Georgia, where I’m from, there is a restaurant called Scalini’s and they are famous for their eggplant parmesan which helps mother’s go into labor and give birth. (check it out here: http://www.scalinis.com/main-babies.html ) So we found the recipe online and made it. That next day I went into labor… so it definitely works.😉


Here is the rest of Carolina’s birth story, so if you don’t want to read about babies being born, skip this part….

On April 3rd, I woke up in the morning with contractions. They weren’t that bad since I actually knew what contractions were this time.

When we got to the hospital (around 10 am), they ran the CTG and checked to see if I was dialated. At this point, we knew my water hadn’t broken and I was about 1 cm. They told me that they were going to do an ultrasound, and then I could go home and wait. While doing the ultrasound, they noticed that I had too little amniotic fluid left. I then could not go home and had to stay. Carolina had to be born on that day or I would be induced. So we were sent to our room and told to come back at 1pm and they would do another check.

At 1pm, we returned, and I was then dialated to 3 cm, which meant the labor was progressing and they most likely wouldn’t have to induce.  They asked me if I still wanted an epidural, and I said YES! of course I do. These Germans and their all natural births…no thank you!!! They prepared everything for the epidural which took about 30 mintues, and then I had to wait for the anesthesiologist to come. The nurses called him to tell him to hurry up, because this was my second child and the baby would be here soon. I think, we waited about 15 more minutes, and just as he was arriving, they checked me again and I was 6 cm. The older, more experienced nurse, told me it was too late for an epidural, that the baby was coming fast, and that I could definitely give birth without it, this being my second child. So I said, ok, fine no epidural. The last 5 minutes before she was born were HORRIBLE! I was definitely screaming and pulling Rafa’s arm off. But really, the 5 minutes of horrible pain were doable. What I CANNOT imagine is being in labor for hours after hours and not having an epidural. I would NOT have wanted to do that with Liam.

Carolina did have the umbilical cord around her neck when she came out. They swooped it off her, and gave her a few pats on the back, and then she started crying. And then, I got to hold her. She was beautiful!!!! I love how once they put the baby on you, they stop crying, like she already knows that you’re her mom. The first thing we noticed was how much she looked like her brother when he was born. We got to snuggle for a while, and then they weighed and measured her. She was 3.21 kg (7lbs) and 51 cm (20 inches)….a perfect little girl! We were then taken to our room. That night all she wanted to do was eat!!! Or at least suck!! I don’t think either of us slept at all.

The next morning Rafa went to take Liam to the kita (aka daycare) and bring my mom to meet Carolina. While Rafa was gone, the doctors came to visit and had some unexpected news. Although Carolina was perfectly fine, her blood test showed that she could have an infection. This might have been due to the fact that I had to receive antibiotics because of Streptococcus B. Supposedly if the mother receives antibiotics while in labor, then the baby is fine. Since she came so fast, they thought that maybe I didn’t receive enough antibiotics to keep her from the infection. They assured me she was fine, but I was still upset. Especially since she would have to go to another hospital because Langen doesn’t have a Children/Infant’s unit. So I called my mom and Rafa and told them to hurry up. The worst part was that they sent her in an ambulance and we had to go meet her at the other hospital. Now, looking back on it all, I know she was fine, but it was quite traumatic having the doctors “take her” the morning after she was born. Once she left in the ambulance, I checked out of the hospital, and we all drove to Darmstadt (about 30 min away) to meet Carolina there.

The children’s hospital in Darmstadt was a great place. They took great care of Carolina and we couldn’t have asked for better nurses. Carolina received two antibiotics for 7 days and then we were finally able to go home with our healthy girl!




I’m back…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog. When you’re working full time, writing on here is not the first thing you want to do when you get home. Yesterday, I was talking to my sister, and she said I should start it again. And I think she’s right!  Since I’m on maternity leave again…..(Yes! woohoo to German maternity leave!)…I will be taking my old blog back. I’ll do it mostly so I can record what is going on in our daughter Carolina’s  first year of life, plus other fun stuff we’ve been up to!🙂

18 months

Dear Liam,

Today you are one and a half! You are full of personality, and a pretty funny little guy.

You still love to be outside. You collect rocks and sticks, and love to dig in the sand and dirt. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we can go to the park more.


You are still quite the little chunkster. You are at about 25% for height and 50% for weight, but you don’t eat as well as you used to. You are pickier than you used to be when it comes to vegetables. But besides that you will eat most things and you love fruit! Sometimes you eat with your spoon and fork and you can drink from a glass no problem by yourself.


You love all things with wheels, cars, trucks, buses, police cars, fire engines, but mostly buses because that is the word you say ALL the time “BUS” “BUS” “BUS”. And it’s pretty funny because you say “bus” and you say “boos” in both English and Spanish/German. We have also heard you say “auto” for car, because that is the German word. Your language is blossoming. You blabber all the time! You definitely understand most things in Spanish and English, and the daycare says that you understand in German too. So, we hope that little by little you are picking up words in all 3 languages. So far you say:

“lu lu lu” = luz (light in Spanish) or luna (moon in Spanish)



“ain ain” =Airplane or Avion

“Bye bye”

“nein” = no (in German) and “no”

“ich”= I/me (in German)

“Boo” = Book or Buch (maybe English maybe German? I’m going to say English..hehe)

“Guck”, pronounced “kook” = look (in German)

“Ah ga”= all gone

“Auto”= car (in German)

“Bus”= pronounced both ways

“más”= more (Spanish)

“lola” and “neto”= These are the names of your two bears you sleep with (Lola and Ernesto)

The list is growing, and it seems like sometimes you will say a word and then forget it again. I can only imagine what it is like having to learn 3 languages at once, but we know you’re smart and you’re already figuring it out.


We are so thankful that you are still an amazing sleeper. You go to bet at 8pm and wake up between 7-7:30. Naps are usually from 12- 2 give or take a little.

This winter you’ve had bronchitis 6 times in the last 6 months. It’s not very fun for you or us, but we are hoping that you outgrow it. Pretty much your bronchioles aren’t developed enough to fight off a normal cold resulting in bronchitis. It’s sort of like asthma, but trigged by a cold.

You have recently started to love books! Yippee! You love them and will bring one after another to be read to you.

Your Papá takes you every morning to ¨school¨ (aka daycare) and you still love it. When I pick you up in the afternoons you rarely want to go home. You smile at me and keep on playing. We are so happy that you have such a great place that you love.

We love you little bear! You are such a good boy (most of the time🙂


Love, Mama and Papá

Christmas Morning 2014

Liam was into unwrapping presents for about 3 of them. Then he was more into the boxes.

DSC00844 (480x640)

DSC00858 (640x480)

DSC00854 (640x480)

DSC00857 (640x480)

20141225_093810 (480x640)

20141225_093838 (480x640)

His favorite gift was definitely the kinetic sand from Aunt Kerri.

20141226_120403 (640x480)

This stuff is cool! You can smash it and mold it, but it always comes back together.

20141226_120406 (640x480)

Papa likes it too!🙂

20141226_120808 (480x640)

And it’s been a great activity to do inside on these rainy, snowy, cold days.

20141226_122014 (480x640)

Christmas with Aunt Kerri

This was our first Christmas in Germany and we so lucky to have Kerri come visit!

DSC00725 (480x640)

Unfortunately, Liam was sick and teething horribly the first few days, but then he starting feeling better for the rest of Kerri’s trip (thank goodness!…he was one whiny lil guy!)

DSC00724 (640x480)

We visited the Christmas market in Bad Nauheim, but didn’t get to stay too long…

DSC00728 (640x480)

But Kerri did get to try some Gluhwien….(Hot wine)

DSC00730 (640x480)

It was pretty cold and Liam was not at his best, so we headed home…

DSC00733 (640x480)

We also went to Strasbourg, France for the day to see the Christmas Markets. It wasn’t far from us…just close to 2 hours.

DSC00754 (480x640)

And it was sooooo nice.

DSC00768 (480x640)

Liam chowing down on some Christmas bread (see those teeth poking through…)

DSC00779 (480x640)

When we first got to the markets, it was sooo nice because it wasn’t too crowded. We headed home once it started getting dark, but we were also able to see the beautiful Christmas lights!

DSC00794 (480x640)

Sunset on the river in Strasbourg

DSC00797 (640x480)

And of course….we couldn’t leave without getting some Chocolat….

DSC00813 (640x480)

Kerri and I also went to a hockey game with some friends. Rafa got to babysit!🙂

DSC00820 (640x480)

With Kim and Alex…it was a very fun game! Lots of screaming fans!

DSC00878 (640x480)

We went to Chris and Jane’s place for Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful day, with wonderful friends and food!

DSC00884 (480x640)

Liam and Kerri loved the whip cream!

DSC00723 (640x480)

And a few more shots of Liam just because he’s cute!🙂

DSC00722 (480x640)

We are so glad Kerri came to Germany to spend Christmas with us!

And….a special thanks for all these beautiful pics she took while here.🙂

Schwerin and Hamburg

After our visit to Berlin, we headed to Hamburg to see some of Rafa’s college friends and to check out the city.

20141031_131152 (480x640)

Liam slept in the car, but we also had to take a few pit stops.

P1040241 (640x480)

We stopped in Schwerin which was a beautiful small city. I would definitely go back there. We didn’t have long, so we took a walk, had a coffee and then continued on our way…

P1040242 (640x480)

Liam and I in front of the palace in Schwerin. (It was Halloween…hence the costume).

20141101_112055 (640x480)

Maria, Rafa, Ruben and Esther in the Town Hall of Hamburg

P1040245 (640x480)

A cool building on our “tour” of Hamburg

20141101_140534 - Copy (2)

We found this really cool playground in Hamburg. Rafa (I mean Liam) loved this sand digger.

P1040247 (640x480)

It had water, and sand…what more could a kid ask for!?

P1040254 (640x480)

In front of the River Elba

P1040258 (640x480)

Liam was a great sport on our all day walking tour throughout Hamburg.

P1040265 (640x480)

The Beatles lived and played in Hamburg before they became famous. This was in Beatles- platz.

P1040269 (640x480)

Beautiful morning in Hamburg….we were very lucky with the weather

P1040271 (640x480)

my two boys on a morning walk….

P1040282 (640x480)…and there happened to be a sailing competition.