10 months


Dear Carolina,

Time is flying by and you are now 10 months old! You are just too funny and we love you so much! You are a happy baby, very sociable, laugh often and are usually in a good mood. You rarely cry, except when you’re tired. You also are very good at entertaining yourself and playing with your toys for a while. I think we take this for granted because I know other moms who can never put their baby down.


You are crawling on all fours now, and can stand up and get down very easily. You’ve started to take some steps with this baby walker our neighbors lent us for you to use. You love Liam’s bobby car and really like to sit on it and have us push you around. Your favorite thing by far is playing in the water. Sometimes you craw over to the bath tub and start shouting. I’m sure you’re saying put me in there now!!!


You still adore your brother and he is really good to you most of the time. Since you’ve learned to stand up, you can now reach his beloved legos. Liam now plays either in the window sill or up on the table so you can’t get his toys.

You are extremely ticklish. You also like music and sometimes bounce your little legs to the beat. On Tuesdays, we go to PEKIP (a German playgroup) which you love. We sing German songs and play baby games.


Food, food, food! You LOVE to eat! And…it makes me so happy. I hope you stay like this, as your brother was the same, and now he is a very picky eater. You will honestly try everything. I usually give you finger foods to eat, and some pureed baby food as well. You have 3 meals a day: breakfast,lunch and dinner plus 1 snack which is usually yogurt. You have 1 bottle in the morning and one at night.


I can already tell that you are an animal lover. When we go for a walk, you stare at dogs and go “oooo” “oooo”. In our kitchen we also have a poster of three dogs, and you look up at it and say “ooo” “oooo”. Our neighbors also have 2 cats, and you love to watch them and try to pet them.


You also seem to be quite strongwilled at 10 months. You fight your naps, and really scream if something is taken away that you like. You cry when we take you out of the bath because you LOVE the water and could stay in there all day. You hate having your face and hands cleaned after you eat, and scream, but as soon as I finish you’re fine again.

You’re growing so fast and don’t seem so babyish anymore. I will definitely cherish these last two months at home with you before you start KITA (daycare) and I go back to work.

We love you Missy Moo!

Love, Mommy

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